Recruitment process
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Recruitment process

The recruitment process can take between four and twelve months, and involves various phases of testing.

Download the Recruitment Process chart (PDF 71K)

View key upcoming dates for the recruitment schedule.

Your first step is to complete an online application. Before you start your application you need to have the following ready to go:

  • Current resume with a full work history
  • Drivers licence number
  • A scan of your drivers’ licence.

Depending on numbers and the scheduling of recruit courses, applicants from the same intake may progress through different stages of the process at different times.

Most of the recruitment testing sessions will be held during business hours, and may require travel to Melbourne.


At each stage of the recruitment process you will need to meet certain minimum benchmarks in order to progress.

Be aware that on some occasions, meeting a benchmark will not automatically guarantee that you will progress.

Where high number of applicants all pass the same the benchmark, those with the highest results may progress first. On the rare occurrence that you pass a minimum benchmark but are not progressed, you will be contacted about arrangements going forward.

Recruit Course

This 4 episode series shows you what can be expected during the recruit course.

CFA Recruits Episode 1 - 2016

CFA Recruits Episode 2 - 2016

CFA Recruits Episode 3 - 2016

CFA Recruits Episode 4 - 2016

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