Standard Planning Permit Conditions
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Standard Planning Permit Conditions

CFA has developed standard planning permit conditions in consultation with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and councils to assist the processing of permit applications in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

The standard planning permit conditions will be commonly used as a basis for imposing bushfire mitigation measures. These conditions can also be used as a starting point for applicants preparing their permit applications in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

Using the standard permit conditions (conditions published Aug 2014)

The standard planning permit conditions (PDF 455k) do not account for unique circumstances of a land site. Variations to the conditions may be required to account for the level of risk. These conditions do not have a statutory status, they are designed to aid decision making. 

CFA will use the bushfire hazard site assessment, bushfire hazard landscape assessment and bushfire management statement (BMS) to assess the individual requirements of a site. Any justification for a tailored response should be included in the application.

The conditions need to be applied carefully. The question of relevance and applicability of a condition will need to be considered. Further guidance on drafting permit conditions can be found in the Guide to Writing Planning Permits (PDF 209k).

An applicant should refer to the full set of standard planning permit conditions (PDF 455k) as a starting point for determining the appropriate bushfire mitigation measures.

If you are considering a tailored planning application or want to understand the intent and purpose of the conditions in more detail, refer to the bushfire mitigation measures explanatory material that support these conditions.  

Structure of the standard planning permit conditions

The standard planning permit conditions for buildings and works applications are divided into the following six sub-headings:

No Condition PDF version Word version
Preamble PDF 77k DOC 39
Defendable space PDF 86k DOC 39k
Access PDF 85k DOC 556k
Water supply PDF 86k DOC 40k
Construction standards PDF 78k DOC 39k
Residential subdivisions PDF 114k DOC 40k

The glossary of terms should be a starting point to understand some of the terminology used in the standard planning permit conditions.

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