Restrictions and permits for farming activities
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Restrictions and permits for farming activities

Total fire ban signSome farming activities are restricted during the Fire Danger Period. Permits may be required.

The Fire Danger Period is declared by CFA when an area reaches a condition of high bushfire danger. Typically, this is from November  to April, but it varies from area to area.

Local councils may also place their own restrictions on using fires.


You need a permit to:

  • Clear roadside fuel (except mowing)
  • Remove native vegetation
  • Burn off during the Fire Danger Period
  • Use fire in a fire-protected area
  • Use a gas-powered wildlife scaring gun
  • Operate cutting and welding equipment on a Total Fire Ban day

On Total Fire Ban Days, any permits issued by a municipal fire prevention officer are automatically suspended.

If your agricultural business needs to undertake essential works on a Total Fire Ban day, you must apply for a Section 40 permit from CFA.


Failure to comply with restrictions or permits can result in fines of up to $5000 and/or 12 months imprisonment. It is up to you to check whether or not your local council has local laws in place for lighting fires and burning rubbish.

Your legal responsibilities

Under legislation, landowners and managers must:

People watching a fireProtect staff, visitors and family from fire

  • You are responsible for your safety, as well as the safety of people living, working or visiting your property.   

Prevent fires

  • Minimise the risk of unplanned fires when operating machinery, vehicles and equipment
  • Keep private powerlines in good condition, clear of vegetation. 

Haystack fireStop fires spreading

  • Extinguish unplanned fires on your land or call Triple Zero (000) for help
  • Control and report planned burns and burn offs
  • Provide access to property and equipment for firefighters
  • Report any fire burning in the Fire Danger Period.


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