Grassfires near cities and towns
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Grassfires near cities and towns

If you live or work on the outskirts of a city or town, you might be next to grassland, parks, paddocks or bush.

For your safety, you need to understand your risk and plan ahead. Know what to do on hot, dry, windy days and plan for all situations.

Grassfires can start anywhere and spread quickly.

If you live next to grassland and a grassfire starts, walk at least two streets back from the fire.

If you live two or three streets away from grassland and a grassfire starts, stay where you are; Grassfires are unlikely to spread into built-up areas.

Never drive if you can see smoke or fire. Thick smoke will make it hard to see and traffic jams and accidents are likely.

Keep roads clear for emergency services

How to be prepared for Grassfires

Know what to do if a grassfire starts - CFA


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