Fire preparation meetings
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Fire preparation meetings

Fire Ready Victoria meetingCome along to a local Fire Ready meeting to find out the must-have information for this fire season.

Every season is different so even if you have attended a meeting before, it’s important to attend one every year before summer.

Speak to CFA about:

  • How and where bush, grass or scrub fires are likely to start and spread around your local area
  • The essential decisions you and your family need to make
  • How to stay informed if a fire starts and threatens your property
  • Tips and updates to help you start or review your fire plan

One-hour Fire Ready meetings are a good opportunity to share views and experiences about managing fire risk, make contacts or pool resources.

Find meetings in your area

Alternatively, contact your CFA region headquarters and ask for the community education coordinator. They can advise you of upcoming meetings, workshops and events in your local area.

Clubs and community groups

Do you belong to a community group or club? Contact your CFA region headquarters to arrange a tailored fire safety session for your members.

Other programs to help you prepare for the fire season


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