Contacts and useful links
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Contacts and useful links

Insurance Returns Contacts and Useful Links

Contacts for relevant information about Insurance Contributions in your area:

CFABusiness               Email
Ron Fasciani
Manager Accounting Services
03 9262 8221   
John Pantorno 
Manager Statutory Contributions
03 9665 4275 
Craig Gibson
Statutory Contributions Officer
03 9665 9739

For futher information on funding and contributions for MFB, go to their website:

For further information regarding your obligations under the CFA Act 1958, MFB Act 1958, and VSES Act 2005 refer to the following:

  • Victorian Parliament website -
    • Click on "Victorian Law Today" for legislation as amended (as opposed to the Victorian Statute Book which is legislation as passed).
    • Navigate to the desired Act or Regulation which are arranged by title.
  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) Database website -

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