Secondary schools
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Secondary schools

These lesson planning materials aim to raise students' awareness and understanding of both home fire and bush fire safety messages, and outline ways in which they can help themselves and their families prepare for and respond to fire.

For Years 7-10

CoverName, Information
Home fire safety lesson plan Home Fire Safety lesson plan for years 7-10 (PDF 684k)
Summer fire safety lesson plan Summer Fire Safety lesson plan for years 7-10 (PDF 1.2Mb)
Disaster resilience lesson plan Disaster Resilience lesson plan for years 7-10 (PDF 1,4Mb)
Landscaping for bushfire lesson plan Landscaping for Bushfire lesson plan for years 7-10 (PDF 1.2Mb)

Lesson Support Resources

Lesson support resources Lesson support resources are to be used to support discussion in key topics around home fire and bushfire safety. 

Secondary Level Resources

CoverName, Information
Fire Ready Kit Cover Fire Ready Kit (PDF 3MB) 
Home Fire Safety (PDF 3MB) 
Landscaping for Bushfire cover Landscaping for Bushfire (PDF 6MB Large file)
Book cover

Bushfires: A Geography Resource for Australian Students

For more information and to download a free copy of the book in pdf, visit the Geography Teacher’s Association of Victoria Inc. (GTAV) website.

Book cover

Kinglake-350 by Adrian Hyland

Adrian Hyland looks at Black Saturday through the eyes of some key locals including Roger Wood, the only police officer on duty in Kinglake on the day of the fires. Find out more about 'Kinglake-350'

Book cover

From Kinglake to Kabul edited by Neil Grant and David Williams

In this remarkable collection of young people's writing, students from schools in Kinglake and Kabul share their stories of resilience, courage and hope. Find out more about 'From Kinglake to Kabul'.

Go to the interactive bushfire website.

Welcome screen of CFA Secondary Students website How fire spreads according to wind change Atmosphere and surroundings based on Fire Danger Rating

Also check out the hotspots house to learn how to keep your home safe from house fires.

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