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Secondary School resources

Teaching and learning resources for secondary schools.

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Fire Ready Kit Cover

CFA Fire Ready Kit

Available online in seperate sections from the Fire Ready Kit page.

Book cover

Bushfires: A Geography Resource for Australian Students

For more information and to download a free copy of the book in pdf, visit the Geography Teacher’s Association of Victoria Inc. (GTAV) website.

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Kinglake-350 by Adrian Hyland

Adrian Hyland looks at Black Saturday through the eyes of some key locals including Roger Wood, the only police officer on duty in Kinglake on the day of the fires. Find out more about 'Kinglake-350'

Kinglake-350 teacher notes for VCE Literature Units 3 & 4: List A, other literature

Download the Kinglake-350 teacher notes (PDF 240K) | Text only version (DOC 99K)

Book cover

From Kinglake to Kabul edited by Neil Grant and David Williams

In this remarkable collection of young people's writing, students from schools in Kinglake and Kabul share their stories of resilience, courage and hope. Find out more about 'From Kinglake to Kabul'.

Book cover

A Future in Flames by Danielle Clode

Psychologist and ecologist Danielle Clode looks at how individuals and communities can reduce the risk and asks why lessons and warnings from past catastrophic fires haven't been heeded.

Find out more about 'A future in flames'

Book cover

Worst of Days by Karen Kissane

WORST OF DAYS takes readers inside the ferocious, insatiable beast that was the Black Saturday inferno. It takes us to the people who found themselves in its path, fighting and fleeing the flames.

Find out more about 'Worse of days'


Website PageWebsite Address, Name

Website homepage

ABC Black Friday 1939

ABC Black Friday Website -

Website homepage

ABC Black Saturday 2009

ABC Black Saturday Website -

ABC Ash Wednesday webpage screenshot

ABC Ash Wednesday 1983

ABC Ash Wednesday webpage -

Website homepage

2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission

2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission -

Website homepage

Official VCCA curriculum resource

Official VCCA curriculum resource -

Fire Safety VCAL Units

Classroom resources

Teacher Resource Guide (DOC 124k)

Fire Safety VCAL Unit Plan (DOC 46k)

VCAL Unit Assessment Guide (DOC 82k)

Support resources and worksheets

History of bushfires powerpoint handout (DOC 40k)

Home fire safety production guidelines (DOC 39k)

Stories of survival (DOC 39k)

Landscaping design and fire tolerant plant list and materials (DOC 37k)

'Lessons from the past' worksheet (DOC 38k)

'When the fires come' worksheet (DOC 40k)

Interview a brigade member & write a newspaper article (DOC 39k)

Project management plan template guide (DOC 97k)

Project management plan template (DOC 97k)

Business case template guide (DOC 119k)

Business case template (DOC 124k)

Event planning template (DOC 43k)

Online teacher professional development module

CFA’s online Bushfire Education Professional Development module for secondary teachers is designed to provide a professional development opportunity for teachers to assist them in implementing bushfire education within the classroom. The module focuses on the following topics:

  • the importance of bushfire education
  • removing barriers for teaching students about bushfires
  • key bushfire facts
  • Iimportant information about Fire Districts
  • Fire Danger Period
  • Warnings

Complete the module at (you'll need to create for an account as the first step).

Essays and DVDs


Lessons from the past: Three major Victorian bushfires 

When the fires come 

Essay cover

Tom Griffiths, 'We Have Still Not Lived Long Enough'

Published 16 February 2009 on Inside Story Website

Essay cover

Tom Griffiths, 'The language of catastrophe'

Published in Griffith REVIEW Edition 35: Surviving February 2012 

DVD cover

Inside the Firestorm, 2010

See the making of documentary on the ABC blog site

Available from the ABC shop online

DVD cover

Then The Wind Changed, 2012

See more information on the documentary

Available from Rebel Films Online DVD Store

Kinglake-350 Author interview

David Williams from CFA speaks with Adrian Hyland the author of Kinglake-350

Kinglake to Kabul Author interivew 

David Williams from CFA speaks with Neil Grant author of From Kinglake to Kabul

Interview with Roger Wood (main character for Kinglake-350)

David Williams from CFA speaks Sergeant Roger Wood, the only police officer on duty in Kinglake

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