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Project Info

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CFA has loads of information for students involved in a school project

You can download one of our Fact Sheets or check out the photos of CFA trucks and firefighters.

Links on this site also provide lots of information for school projects:

  • About CFA explains what we do, our structure, locations, training grounds, equipment (trucks, stations and aircraft) and funding
  • Volunteer & Career looks at volunteers, what they do and what they get out of being a volunteer
  • Fire Safety has information on making your home safe from house fires and bushfires
  • CFA Connect contains general CFA news and other information

Fire Safe Kids Game

Captain Koala and his mates, with your help are going to prepare to be bushfire safe.

You can show CK how to clean up around your yard at home, and show them what you would take with you if you have to leave your home. There will be a special message for you when you have finished helping CK, James and Sophie become bushfire safe.

Kids eLearning Game
Launch the Fire Safe Kids game

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