Mobile Education Unit
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Mobile Education Unit

Fun and education on wheels

CFA's mobile education program gives primary and secondary school students the chance to learn about home fire safety and summer fire safety in a fun and exciting way.

Lessons are delivered on board customised vehicles (Mobile Education Units - MEUs) that visit schools throughout Victoria.

Each one-hour lesson is tailored according to year level and supported by extra materials to help teachers follow up on important fire safety topics back in the classroom.

This is a free service provided year-round by CFA.

Primary Schools

Two types of Mobile Education Units are available:

  • Home Fire Safety: Open to all year levels from Prep to Grade 6. Through hands-on activities, students will learn about home fire safety.
  • Bushfire Safety: Open to all year levels from Prep to Grade 6.Through hands-on activities, students will learn about summer fire safety.

Secondary Schools

  • Bushfire Safety program: Designed to challenge and engage Year 7 and 9 students as they learn about bushfire risk, preparation and survival.

Curriculum links

All MEU lessons are linked to the AusVELS domains of Science, Humanities, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship. At the end of the session teachers will receive a free CD-ROM with a range of follow up activities for the classroom.

Parking requirements for the Mobile Education Unit

The Home Fire Safety MEU is a semi-trailer approximately 4 cars long and 1.5 cars wide (similar size to a Woolworth's truck).

The Bushfire Safety MEU is a large bus approximately 3 cars long and 2.5 cars wide.

It's important for schools to ensure that the units have a large enough site to park and operate safely: minimum 21m x 7m.

The area must be flat for the expanding pod operation.

Both MEUs need to arrive and set up at least 30 minutes before the first session.

How do I book?

Request a Mobile Education Unit session online


Contact a CFA Community Education Coordinator at your nearest CFA Region office.

You can also contact a CFA Community Education Coordinator through your nearest CFA region office.

CFA Mobile Education Unit

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