Colouring sheets
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Colouring sheets

Choose a colouring sheet to print out and colour in!

NameDownloadColouring Sheet
Captain Koala Captain Koala (PDF 126k) 'Captain Koala' colouring sheet
Bianca Bilby Bianca Bilby (PDF 104k) 'Bianca Bilby' colouring sheet
Neville Numbat Neville Numbat (PDF 129k) 'Neville Numbut' colouring sheet
Penny Platypus Penny Platypus (PDF 102k) 'Penny Platypus' colouring sheet
James Fierfighter James Firefighter (PDF 106k) 'James' colouring sheet
Sophie Firefighter Sophie Fire Officer (PDF 120k) Sophie colouring sheet
CK & Friends CK and Friends Group (PDF 185k) CK and friends colouring sheet
Call 000 Call 000 (PDF 229k) Colour call 000
Firefighter uniforms Firefighter Uniforms (PDF 147k) Colour firefighter uniforms
All terrain vehicle

All Terrain Fire Vehicle (PDF 145k)

Colour all terrain vehicle
CFA aerial fire vehicle CFA Aerial Fire Vehicle (PDF 138k) Colour aerial fire vehicle
Pumper fire vehicle Pumper Fire Vehicle (PDF 139k) Colour pumper fire vehicle
Tanker fire vehicle

Tanker Fire Vehicle (PDF 135k)

Colour tanker fire vehicle
Ring Triple Zero '000'

Triple Zero (PDF 269k)

Triple Zero colouring sheet

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