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CK & friends

Get to know Captain Koala and Friends

Here, you can find out more about Captain Koala and his friends, like when they were born, their role in CFA, their favourite items and more. Click on the character's name to view their profile:

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Captain Koala
Date of birth: 16 January 1982 Captain Koala - CK
Nickname: CK
Brigade: Riverland Gully
Background in CFA: CK began life with CFA at the age of 11 when he became a junior brigade member. By the age of 16 he was heavily involved competing for Riverland Gully at the state junior championships. CK took on the role of Captain in 2007 when the previous captain moved to Mt Billabong. He is currently training to help rescue people from car accidents.

Captain Koala's favourite CFA moment was in 2006 when he rescued a dog named Benji that was stuck in a drain and couldn't get out.

Role in CFA: Captain
Job: Travels around Victoria teaching fire safety messages to children
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite Movie: Shrek
Favourite food: Lasagne with lots of cheese
Likes: Helping people, surfing, reading crime novels, bushwalking, hanging out with friends and making lasagne
Dislikes: People who don't listen, brussels sprouts, horror movies
A quick fact about CK: He loves to dance but finds it hard to move in his big shoes
Training: Minimum skills 2003, Pumper accreditation 2004, Wildfire Suppression 2004, Breathing Apparatus 2004, Search and Rescue 2005, LPG flare off 2006, Rope Rescue 2007, Road Accident Rescue 2008 (to be completed).
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Penny Platypus
Date of birth: 4 July 1983 Penny Platypus
Nickname: Pen
Brigade: Riverland Gully
Background in CFA: Penny joined CFA so she can help communicate environmental messages and promote bushfire safety. She delivers Fire Safe Kids lessons and tells kids about how fire is a natural part of the environment and that many plants and animals are adapted to fire.
Role in CFA: Communications Officer
Job: Swimming teacher
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite movie: Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone
Favourite food: Marinara Pizza
Likes: Swimming, playing in the bush, listening to music
Dislikes: People who litter
A quick fact about Penny: Underwater, Penny relies on touch and a special sixth sense called electro-reception so she can catch food.
Training: Penny completed her Wildfire Minimum Skills training in her first year as a CFA volunteer, and was voted into the position of Communications Officer at a Riverland Gully brigade election in 2006.
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Wozza Wombat
Date of birth: 15 January 1979 Wozza Wombat
Nickname: Woz
Brigade: Riverland Gully
Background in CFA: Wozza joined CFA to become more involved with his local community. Wozza was a long time friend of Captain Koala, and through this friendship, he decided to become a member of his local brigade. Wozza is quite a handy wombat, and works hard around the station fixing all things electrical.

He really enjoys making sure the brigade vehicles are in tip top shape.

Role in CFA: Fire Safety Officer
Job: Electrician/Builder
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite movie: The Castle
Favourite food: Vegetable Curry
Likes: Hiking around in the bush, sea kayaking, making curry and listening to all sorts of music
Dislikes: Loud noises, going to the city and when his neighbour the rabbit comes and messes up his house
A quick fact about Wozza: Wozza is quite fast afoot, and able to run at around 40 km/hr. He is particularly fast and smart when a packet of chocolate biscuits is within sight.
Training: Recruit Firefighters Course. After four years experience as an Operational Firefighter, Wozza successfully completed his Leading Firefighter assessment. Wozza then successfully completed his Fire Safety Officer Assessment 12 months later, and was promoted to Fire Safety Officer.
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Neville Numbat
Date of birth: 12 August 1989 Neville Numbat
Nickname: Nev
Brigade: Riverland Gully
Background in CFA: Nev's family have a long history in the CFA, and it was only logical that Nev become part of his local brigade. He has enjoyed being part of his local both as a way of being part of his local community, as well as being able to spend more time with his family.
Role in CFA: Public Relations Officer
Job: Sheep Farmer (Southdowns)
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite food: Termite Pie
Likes: Keeping busy, practising his 'beat box' noises, and playing guitar
Dislikes: The fox that keep coming to his property, having to repair fences
A quick fact about Nev: Nev is a diurnal (active during the day) marsupial. There are only two of his types in Australia, with the other being the Musky Rat Kangaroo.
Training: Neville completed his Wildfire Minimum Skills training with CFA. Neville has an interest in journalism and the media that he developed through previous University studies. He was voted into the position of PR Officer by his brigade members, and now helps with promoting community safety messages from his brigade to local media.
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Bianca Bilby
Date of birth: 9 November 1986 Bianca Bilby
Nickname: Bee or Bink
Brigade: Riverland Gully
Background in CFA: When Bianca was first learning her profession, her boss told her about being involved in CFA. He thought Bianca would be a great brigade member, as she is very safety conscious, and performs her duties in a very logical and practical way. When she went along to the training she really enjoyed the challenge and atmosphere of the local brigade.
Role in CFA: Junior Leader
Job: Professional Freelance Photographer
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite movie: Labyrinth
Favourite food: Fruit Salad
Likes: Travelling around Australia and overseas, playing with her dog Acacia, playing Scrabble
Dislikes: Being called a rabbit, and forgetting her camera
A quick fact about Bianca: Bianca has heard that a toy Bilby has been to the Top of the World!! In May 1997, Tashi Tenzing - grandson of Tenzing Norgay - reached the summit of Mount Everest.
Training: Bianca Bilby volunteered to be a Junior Leader with others from her brigade. Bianca's Captain contacted CFA's Youth Unit to get an information kit about starting up a Junior Brigade. They all got a working with children check and completed the Junior Brigade/Junior Leader Application Form. They all attended a Junior Leader induction briefing session. Soon after induction, Bianca was able to become a Junior Leader.

Bianca's brigade is now actively seeking eager and well behaved junior members aged 11 up to 16 years to have fun, make new friends and love belonging to a fantastic community based organisation like CFA.

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Date of birth: 3 July 1981 James (First Lieutenant)
Nickname: Jimmy
Brigade: Torquay
Background in CFA: James' father was a CFA volunteer, and when James turned 11 he joined CFA as a junior member. James has been involved in CFA ever since. James loves keeping fit and healthy through all the physical activity being a CFA volunteer involves.
Role in CFA: First Lieutenant
Job: Primary School Teacher
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite movie: Dodgeball
Favourite food: Hamburger with the Lot
Likes: Playing AFL for his local team, hanging out with his friends, and surfing.
Dislikes: Brussels sprouts
Training: After James completed his Minimum Wildfire Skills training, he was voted into the position of First Lieutenant by his fellow brigade members at a brigade election.
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Date of birth: 11 March 1985 Sophie (Fire Officer)
Nickname: Sophie
Brigade: Ballarat
Background in CFA: Sophie joined her local brigade after a few of her girlfriends recommended it to her. Sophie enjoys the social side of being a CFA volunteer, and has made many lifelong friends through CFA. Sophie also gets great personal satisfaction being involved in her brigade and being able to help out her local community. Minimum Skills for her voluntary side of being with CFA
Role in CFA: Station Officer
Job: Career Firefighter
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite movie: The Notebook
Favourite food: Crispy Chicken Sushi
Likes: Cooking, running, reading and travelling
Dislikes: When people think being a CFA volunteer is something only boys can do.
Training: Having completed her Minimum Skills in volunteering, Sophie later joined the Recruit Firefighters Course. After four years experience as an Operational Firefighter Sophie successfully completed her Leading Firefighter assessment. Sophie then successfully completed her Station Officer Assessment 12 months later and was promoted to Station Officer
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Date of birth: 8 September 1981 Beepa smoke alarm
Nickname: 'Beeps' or 'Rudolph'
Brigade: Angophora Grove
Background in CFA: Beepa started his working life in CFA as a career firefighter. After he completed his Fire Safe Kids training, he soon realised that education was his passion and he started presenting in schools as part of his shift. He particularly likes educating people about how working smoke alarms can save lives and how to main their smoke alarms
Role in CFA / Job Career Firefighter
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite movie: Ladder 49 and Backdraft
Favourite food: Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
Likes: Bushwalking, reading, going to parties with friends and watching movies
Dislikes: Custard, flat batteries, and people who shout
A quick fact about Beepa: Has a black belt in Kung-Fu, but doesn’t like fighting.
Training: Certificate IV in Training and Education 2001, Fire Safe Kids certificate 2010, Firefighter Recruit Course 2010.
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