Training campuses timeline
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Training campuses timeline

Overview of key events relating to the environmental management of CFA's Regional Training Campuses.

  1. 2007
    CFA ceases use of foams containing PFOS
    Month Unknown
    CFA ceases use of firefighter foams containing PFOS at regional training campuses.
  2. 2012
    Report issued for Fiskville investigation
    Professor Joy delivers ‘Understanding the Past to Inform the Future’ report to CFA.
  3. Environmental and health risk assessments
    CFA engage independent consultants to undertake environment and human health risk assessments at the training campuses in response to the Joy Report.
  4. 2013
    Clean up notices issued
    EPA issues two Clean Up Notices for the Fiskville site. Environmental Auditor appointed to oversee work at Fiskville.
  5. 2014
    Environmental and human health assessment reports
    Independent consultants complete reports on environmental and human health assessment of the Fiskville Campus.
  6. 2015
    Reports issued to EPA
    Final reports on independent environmental and human health assessments of training campuses issued to EPA.
  7. Environmental Action Plan
    CFA develops a Preliminary Environmental Action Plan for all regional training campuses.
  8. Clean Up Notices
    September - October
    EPA issues Clean Up Notices for the six regional training campuses.
  9. Further assessments
    September - present
    CFA engages independent environmental consultants to conduct further assessments of environmental impacts both onsite and offsite from the six training campuses.

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