Roadside Management
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Roadside Management

Roadsides are important for safety, the provision of services and the environment. Roadside management involves a wide range of issues and organisations. One important issue is roadside fire management.

A Roadside Management Program has been established by CFA to support CFA members and other organisations and individuals involved in roadside fire management.

New information regarding Roadside Management is available. Please read the following document:

Roadside Mowing and other Fire Prevention Works - (PDF 11k)

Roadside Fire Management Guidelines

Roadside Fire Management Guidelines cover CFA has also developed the Roadside Fire Management Guidelines - (PDF 54k) to provide advice and information on planning effective roadside fire management and a worksheet to help plan roadside fire management activities.
Roadside Fire management brochure These guidelines are supported by the Roadside Fire Management General Information brochure - large file -(PDF - 517k). This document explains key fire science information in a simple way.

The worksheet is available as a fill out form RFMG Worksheet (standard) - doc 410k or as a document that can be altered to suit user requirements RFMG Worksheet (customise format) - doc 382k.

Roadside Program Case Studies

A number of Roadside Program Case Studies are also available to provide ideas and information about current roadside fire management plans, projects and programs being undertaken by CFA and other organisations.

Herbicide Policy

CFA supports the use of herbicide for fire prevention on private and public land, where it is safe and effective.

More Information

The CFA Roadside Program provides support for general roadside fire management issues. If you have a particular roadside fire management issue, contact your local municipal council or your local CFA office for advice.

For more information about the CFA Roadside Program, contact CFA Community Safety on 03 9262 8444.

For information about VicRoads road management issues go to the Vicroads website

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