Plan and prepare
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Plan and prepare

CFA has a wide range of publications to help you plan and prepare for fires ALL year round.

Emergency Information for the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Victorians (AUSLAN) is also available.

Pets and bushfires fact sheet

November 2016
Pets and Bushfires
If you live near bush, grassland or coastal areas, you need to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan that includes your pets.

Pets and Bushfires (PDF 308k)

Horses and bushfires fact sheet

November 2016
Horses and Bushfires 
A quick reference guide for horse owners to plan for the safety and survival of their horses.

Horses and Bushfires (PDF 425k)

Can I Can't I brochure

November 2016
Can I Can't I

Explains fire restrictions for Total Fire Ban days and during the Fire Danger Period.
Can I Can't I (PDF 444k) | Text only version (doc 58k)

Grain harvesting guide email

Oct 2016
Voluntary Grain Harvesting Guide

This guide applies to all grain harvesting and grain handling operations that occur "in the paddock", including operation of grain harvesters, operation of vehicles involved in transporting grain, grain dryers and grain augers.

Voluntary Grain harvesting guide (PDF 393k)

Pre-season update 2016-2017

Sep 2016
Pre-season Update 2016-17 Summer Season

A different approach to previous years, the focus is on front line safety and the sharing of lessons identified from previous incidents to improve safety

Pre-season update 2016-17 summer season (PDF 1944k)

Pre-season update 2015-16 summer season

August 2015
Pre-season update 2015-16 summer season

Outlines the key 2015-16 safety and operational messages for firefighters and incident control personnel.

Pre-season update 2015-16 summer season (PDF 1889k)

Cover of a Community Information Guide

Updated regularly
Community Information Guide
Localised guide to help residents understand their risk and undertake essential planning and preparation. Available for more than 250 high risk areas.

Go to Community Information Guides page

Sept 2014
Fire Ready Carers Kit

A resource to support home care providers assist with fire preparedness and planning.

Fire Ready Carers Kit (3mb)

Farm check list

September 2014

Farm Safety Checklist

Farm Safety Checklist (645k)

September 2014
Pre-Season Update 2014-15 Fire Season
Outlines the key safety messages for the upcoming season including Victoria's new emergency management arrangements, Firefighter Health and Wellbeing, Public Information and a case study on Evacuation of Halls Gap.

Pre-Season Update 2014-15 Fire Season (PDF 1285k)

Aug 2014
Your Guide to Survival

A shorter version of our Fire Ready Kit. This ‘go to guide’ informs you on information such as how to stay informed on fire risk days, why you should leave early, what information to gather ahead of fire season for you and your family, understand what to expect during a bushfire and guidance on how to stay informed of fires across your area.

Your Guide to Survival (PDF 2000k)

Aug 2014
Fire Safe BBQ

Follow these fire safe barbeque tips during summer.

Fire Safe BBQ (PDF 237K)

July 2014
Wire Rope Safety Barriers

WRSB are being installed extensively across Victoria by Vic Roads. Although CFA considers the benefits of WRSB are significant for the safety of road users resulting in reduced deaths on Victorian roads, Brigades raised their concerns with WRSB installation (via the CSAC committee) in relation to the reduced access for fire fighting. CFA has produced a position paper that has been endorsed by the Chief Officer.

Wire Rope Safety Barries Position Paper (PDF 44k)

Business Fire Ready Kit

May 2014
Business Fire Ready Kit 2014

Resource to help businesses understand local risks, prepare their business and employees, identify triggers to act, understand how to inform customers and undertake planning.

Business Fire Ready Kit (PDF 3mb)

Evaporative air cooler fact sheet

February 2014
Evaporative air conditioner - fire safety
How to keep your evaporative air conditioner safe from embers during a bushfire.

Evaporative air conditioner - fire safety (PDF 356k)

Fire Ready Kit Cover

October 2013
Fire Ready Kit

Complete Fire Ready Kit - (PDF 3000k) Text only version (DOC 96k)

Fire Ready Kit webpage

Tourism Fire Ready Kit cover

October 2013
Tourism Business Fire Ready Kit
Resource to helpr tourism businesses understand their local risks, prepare their business and their employees, identify triggers to act, understand how to inform customers and undertake planning.

Tourism Fire Ready Kit (PDF 1000k) | Text version (DOC 933k)

July 2013
Staying Informed
Explains the three warning levels and the different ways of getting information to help you stay informed during the summer season.

Staying Informed - Warnings (PDF 1MB)

Audio version
Download MP3 - 1mb

About Warnings

Video version
How we warn the community

Wheat bag factsheet

May 2013
Therapeutic wheat bags factsheet
Safety hints when using therapeutic wheat bags.

Landscaping for Bushfire: Example gardens

February 2013
Landscaping for Bushfire: Example gardens
Four practical examples of gardens in high risk environments using landscaping for bushfire principles. Includes a case study.

Go to Landscaping for Bushfire page

Enjoy a fire safe summer

Januray 2013
Enjoy a fire safe summer
Learn a few simple steps to stay fire safe in the summer months

Enjoy a fire safe summer (PDF 206k)

Home fire escape plan worksheet

May 2012
Home fire safety checklist and escape plan
A checklist to help you keep your house safe from common causes of fire. Follow the instructions to draw up your home fire escape plan.

Home fire safety checklist and escape plan (PDF 291k)

Know your total fire ban district

January 2012
Know your Total Fire Ban district
The Total Fire Ban and Fire Danger Ratings districts have been updated. This brochure includes a map of the districts with a list of municipalities in each district.

Know Your Total Fire Ban District (PDF 190k)

Landscaping for Bushfire cover

December 2011
Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and plant selection
Professional gardeners or keen amateurs can learn how to better protect their house by creating a fire smart garden.

Go to Landscaping for Bushfire page

Preventing Haystack Fires cover

October 2011
Preventing Haystack Fires
Learn what causes haystack fires, how to minimise the risk of haystack fires and protect your assets, and what to do if hay is heating

Preventing Haystack Fires (PDF 1189k) | Text version - doc 29k

Audio version

Download MP3 - 4mb

Grassfires brochure

October 2011
General Information to help you know how to protect yourself and your property from grassfires.

Grassfires (PDF 1000k) | Text version (DOC 29k)

Audio version

Download MP3 - 3mb

Cover of On the Land

September 2011
On the Land
A key resource for farmers, landowners, plantation managers and bush block owners.

On the Land (PDF 2000k)

Fire Danger Rating brohcure

October 2010
Fire Danger Ratings
Understand how the Fire Danger Rating Scale will alert you to danger so you can take action.

Fire Danger Ratings (PDF 76k)

Audio version

Download MP3 - 3mb

Bushfires: preparing to leave early cover

October 2010
Bushfires: Preparing to leave early
Produced jointly by CFA and Australian Red Cross, this booklet guides you through the four steps to prepare to leave early on fire risk days.

Bushfires Preparing to leave early (PDF 1391k) | Text version (DOC 556k

Early Fire Safe factsheet

May 2007
Early Fire Safe factsheets
Fire safety tips around the home for parents with young children.

Youth Firesetting Support Guide
A resource for parents and practitioners concerned about fire-risk behaviour in a child or young person.

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