Freedom of Information Statement 2: Categories of documents
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Freedom of Information Statement 2: Categories of documents

The CFA creates a large number of documents and records in the course of its work. The CFA uses an Electronic Document & Records Management System to classify, store, access and manage a broad range of electronic and hard copy documents.

Document types

The types of documents that the CFA handles include:

  • policy, procedures and standards
  • briefings and reports
  • maps
  • publications
  • correspondence  
  • meeting records
  • financial records
  • audio visual material

Document categories

These documents are organised under the following categories according to the CFA’s Business Classification Scheme.

Documents, forms, Manuals

Warnings & Restrictions

Management & Administration

Plan & Prepare for a fire


Volunteers & Careers

Fires & Emergencies

News & Media


Kids & Schools

Health & Welfare


The CFA’s website outlines the areas of work that the CFA undertakes and in which areas documents would be created.

Please note, the resource locations and content presented within the overall Part II Statement provides only a snapshot of the information that is available and is by no means an exhaustive representation.

If searching for a specific topic, more thorough results may be obtained by conducting a full search of this site or by contacting the relevant business unit directly.

Other sections of the Part II Statement

More information about Freedom of Information (FOI) can be found on the dedicated FOI website.


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