Fiskville timeline
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Fiskville timeline

Overview of key events relating to Fiskville investigation, decommissioning and remediation.

    1. 2011
      Investigative reports raise concerns
      Concerns raised about firefighter exposure to chemicals at the Fiskville Training College between 1970s and 1990s.
    2. Independant Fiskville Investigation announced
      CFA announces Professor Robert Joy will conduct an independent investigation into past training practices and potential contamination at Fiskville.
    3. 2012
      Report issued for independent Fiskville Investigation
      Professor Joy delivers 'Understanding the Past to Inform the Future' Joy report to CFA.
    4. CFA accepts recommendations from Joy Report
      CFA accepts all ten Professor Joy recommendations and commits to further management initiatives.
    5. Environmental and health risk assessments
      Environmental engineering firm Cardno Lane Piper conducts extensive environmental and health risk assessments for all of CFA's regional training campuses. CFA establishes Voluntary Health Surveillance Program
    6. Voluntary Health Surveillance Program
      CFA establishes Voluntary Health Surveillance Program.
    7. 2013
      Clean up notices issued
      EPA issues two Clean Up Notices for the Fiskville site. Environmental Auditor appointed to oversee work at Fiskville.
    8. 2014
      Environmental and human health assessment reports
      Cardno Lane Piper completes final environmental and human health assessment reports.
    9. Environmental Auditor findings
      Environmental Auditor agrees with Cardno Lane Piper's analysis and finds the risk to human health was low and acceptable.
    10. Clean Up Plan
      CFA develops Clean Up Plan to address the 26 recommendations outlined in Environmental Auditor's report.
    11. Remediation works
      CFA completes stage one of remediation activities.
    12. Parliamentary Inquiry
      Parliamentary Inquiry into Fiskville announced.
    13. 2015
      Fiskville Firefighter's Health Study
      Release of Monash University's Fiskville Firefighter's Health Study.
    14. Operations suspended at Fiskville
      CFA suspends operations at Fiskville as a precautionary measure while water supplies are tested for PFCs. No drinking water outlets were found to have traces of the chemicals; however, low levels of PFCs detected in water samples taken from the practice area drill (PAD) area.
    15. Water testing
      Over 500 potable water tests conducted at the Fiskville site
    16. Closure of Fiskville
      CFA Board announces permanent closure of the Fiskville Training College.

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