Emergency Management Australia
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Emergency Management Australia

Emergency Management Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for reducing the impact of emergencies on the Australian community. It is also the lead Australian Government agency for emergency response.

EMA provides dedication and expertise to the emergency management aspects of community safety. EMA makes an essential contribution to ensuring coordinated Australian Government criminal justice, security and emergency management activity, for a safer Australia.

EMA works closely with Victoria and other States to achieve a number of prevention, response and recovery activities. These are outlined in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria. (The manual is available on the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner website - see chapter 6-33. )

For more information:

Country Fire Authority

CFA works with the community to improve safety through prevention, community preparedness, education and fire protection activities such as:

  • Development/enforcement of relevant legislation and regulations. Planning and/or implementing improved safety and information systems.
  • Supporting the development of an aware and prepared community.
  • Community development process to enable communities to deal with emergencies.
  • Provision of support through information, resources or coordination to other organisations or personnel preparing for or engaging in prevention tasks.
  • Risk profiling to identify key safety processes and priorities.
  • Planning and/or providing anything ancillary to the matters listed above.

Extracted from the Emergency Management Manual Victoria (chapter 6-18), available on the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner website.

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