Our Vision, Mission and Strategy

The recommendations in the final report of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission “give priority to protecting human life, and … are designed to reflect the shared responsibility that governments, fire agencies, communities and individuals have for minimising the prospect of a tragedy of this scale ever happening again”.

We have embodied these principles in how we define ourselves, our vision, mission, and strategy.

CFA is all about people. Engagement with, and greater support of, our volunteers underpins our activities and commitments. Our work is strengthened by respectful, trusting and informed relationships with our members and their representative bodies.

We are a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation with a vision to work together with communities to keep Victorians safe from fire and other emergencies.

Put simply, our mission is to protect lives and property.

We have also made our mission clear so that everybody in CFA can say ‘what I do contributes to protecting lives and property’. A non-operational member of a brigade who races to open the station doors when the pager goes off; a brigade’s communications officer; a regional or headquarters staff member; a Fire Ready Victoria presenter; a district mechanical officer; a member on the back of a truck: all are protecting lives and property.

Strategic priorities

We have focused on maturing our business planning capability so we set realistic levels of organisational change. We have established and will continue to develop strategic priorities that ensure brigades maintain or increase their viability, capability and performance.

People first

In April 2011 Chief Executive Officer Mick Bourke said:

“If CFA is succeeding, we will see more resilient communities. We will see greater confidence in our services, growing and valued volunteerism, an established and high functioning Command and Control structure and a more sustainable organisation. And sitting above all this, we will see our people first − our people and the people in our communities. These are the key areas where we must succeed.”

Our structure is changing to support our vision, mission and strategy. The new structure will outline clear roles and responsibilities and support appropriate decision-making at the lowest possible level. Ultimately, it will align the top of the organisation more closely with our membership base, to better support our front line people who are delivering services to the community every day.

Our structure places those on the front line – our volunteers, career firefighters, community educators and support personnel – at the top of our hierarchy.

Our structure is changing to support our vision, mission and strategy.

Our 2011-14 strategy ‘Creating Our Future Together’ sets out eight key areas where we must succeed:

  • volunteerism
  • command and control
  • capable resilient communities
  • people first
  • interoperability
  • confident stakeholders
  • ‘one CFA’
  • sustainable business.