Importance of Leadership

A strengthened team

Under the leadership of CEO Mick Bourke, CFA strengthened and consolidated its management team in 2010-2011. A new Chief Officer, Euan Ferguson, was appointed in late 2010.

Euan returned to CFA after almost 10 years leading South Australia’s Country Fire Service, and he has an exceptional level of experience across three fire services spanning more than 30 years.

Euan has infused the role with enormous personal energy, travelling to all parts of the State to meet people on the front line and listen to their concerns and aspirations. His personal leadership philosophy is to be visibly active and out in the field.

“People think of fire services and they think of trucks,” said Euan. “They think of aircraft, Hazmat vans, road rescue equipment. I look at a fire service and I see people. If I’m doing my job right, the person at the front line should feel well trained, well equipped and well led.”

Operational Training and Volunteerism

One of the key findings of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission’s final report was the recognition of the enormous role that volunteers play in the delivery of fire and emergency services to Victoria. This highlights the importance of operational training for our volunteers and career staff.

In 2010 a new team called Operational Training and Volunteerism was created. It is led by Lex de Man who has been a CFA volunteer for more than three decades and a CFA employee for 15 years. This team will set the strategy and vision for operational training, development programs and facilities to help meet our objectives of better supporting our volunteers and their continuous improvement.

A new Chief Officer, Euan Ferguson (right), was appointed in late 2010.