Corporate Governance

In addition to the requirements in legislation, the Authority has formalised Board and Committee Governance arrangements in a Governance Framework. The
Governance Framework is reviewed annually by the Board.

CFA Board

The Board of the Authority is constituted under the CFA Act 1958.

The Board is accountable to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

The CFA Act provides for a Board of 12, consisting of the Chairman and 11 other members, appointed by the Governor in Council for up to three years. The Act
prescribes those bodies that can nominate people for consideration by the Governor in Council for appointment to the Board. The current nominating bodies include the
Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Insurance Council of Australia, Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria and the Municipal Association of Victoria.

In addition to the requirements of the Act, Board members are required to observe CFA’s Code of Conduct and other requirements specified by CFA’s Governance Framework. Board members are required to disclose any conflict or pecuniary interests, and to submit an annual Declaration of Private Interests.

Board Role

The Board sets the corporate objectives and strategies through the four-year Corporate Plan and detailed Annual Plan.

The Board is responsible for CFA’s strategy and overall performance, ensuring appropriate risk management strategies are in place and that it complies with relevant
legislation, the Government’s requirements and its corporate objectives in its Corporate Plan and Annual Plan.

The Board’s primary role involves:

Board Committees

The Board has four committees appointed to undertake specific tasks on its behalf.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee’s role is to monitor and report to the Board on corporate governance, compliance and risk management processes, including CFA’s external
and internal audit functions.

CFA’s internal audit function is undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers, whose representatives report to this committee’s meetings.

The Audit and Risk Committee receives advice from the Auditor-General, who is responsible for auditing CFA’s annual financial statements.


Remuneration and Appointments Committee

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee was established to take specific responsibility for recommending to the Board CFA’s policy and practice for
executive officer appointments and remuneration review processes and associated compliance.


Board membership during 2010-2011
Kerry Murphy PSM AFSM (Chair) reappointed 1 April 2010
Claire Higgins (Deputy Chair) reappointed 2 October 2009
Mark Byatt appointed 6 July 2010
Ross Coyle appointed 25 March 2010
David Gibbs AFSM reappointed 15 April 2009
Peter Harmsworth AO reappointed 26 June 2010
Ken King reappointed 13 October 2009
Reid Mather appointed 31 December 2009
Tunde Meikle appointed 15 April 2009
John Peberdy appointed 22 September 2009
Robert Spencer appointed 23 July 2008
Michael Tudball AFSM reappointed 31 December 2009