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Report of Operations 2007-08 - Service Delivery Standards

CFA attended 38,892 primary incidents during 2007-08 with 24,795 incidents being classified as emergency incidents for measurement of Service Delivery Standards (SDS) purposes. Of these 21,994 incidents (88.7 per cent) met the required response time standard for the type of hazard attended with a further 655 incidents (2.6 per cent) missing compliance by less than 30 seconds. Monthly performance ranged from 87.1 per cent to 89.8 per cent. Figure 10 shows a summary of SDS for the year.

Data is based on completed fire and incident reports, where at least one appliance (from any fire service) responded under emergency conditions (code 1), to an incident in a CFA area. The data excludes support calls to external fire services, non-emergency incidents and incidents occurring in remote rural areas which do not have a standard response time requirement.

Figure 10. State wide Service Delivery Compliance to 30 June 2008

State wide Service Delivery Compliance to 30 June 2008

Issues Affecting Service Delivery

The following issues have affected service delivery over the reporting period: