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Report of Operations 2007-08 - Projects to Improve Recovery

Fire Investigation

CFA's Fire Investigation Section has completed a number of major projects to further enhance the delivery of the fire investigation program.

Alignment of the CFA's 'Structural and Vehicle Fire Investigation' and 'Wildfire Investigation' course learning manuals to the public safety training packages has been completed. Draft course learning manuals were used at the structural and wildfire investigation courses during 2007-08.

CFA continues to be actively involved in the Victorian Fire Investigation Policy and Procedures Working Group, with the CFA's State Fire Investigation Coordinator as Chair.

An online version of the Fire Investigation Management System is currently being developed. Once implemented, the completed fire investigation reports will update FIRS with accurate information relating to the origin and cause of the fire. It is envisaged that this system will greatly assist in the identification of fire trends and allow for further analysis to occur in support of the development of community safety and education campaigns.

Power Continuity Services

This project continued a multi-year program to provide emergency generator power to nominated ICCs and RECCs across the State. Phase 3 saw the installation of uninterrupted power supplies and fixed generators at all existing Level 3 ICCs finalised in June 2008. Phase 4 has commenced entailing pre-wiring for portable generators at nine Level 2 ICCs, provision of four portable generators for Gippsland, and fixed generators for new Level 3 ICCs. The project has identified a further 24 sites for fixed emergency generator installations to be undertaken in phase 5.