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Report of Operations 2007-08 - Joint CFA and DSE Post Fire Season Survey

The final report on the post-fire season operational survey for 2006-07 was completed and published on the CFA online bookshelf.

The online survey was further refined for 2007-08 with the incorporation of additional questions regarding seat belt use and fatigue. A total of 147 respondents completed the survey; 67 from DSE and 80 from CFA. The results have been analysed and the report will be published early in 2008-09.

Memorial Website

CFA is developing a memorial website to pay tribute to CFA firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The site will include a roll of honour containing the name, date, brigade and location of those that have died while in the line of duty.

The website will be part of the CFA external website ( available to the general public and CFA's internal online member's site, Brigades Online and the CFA Intranet. Consultation is occurring with loved ones of those members, to seek permission for names to be included on the roll of honour.

Debriefing Process

DSE and CFA have prepared a discussion paper on 'Improving Local Debriefing'. The paper discusses the issues and highlights the process and benefits of including the After Action Review methodology into CFA and DSE as part of debrief practice.

Traffic Management Guidelines

Guidelines, developed by Victoria Police, CFA and DSE, for 'Operation of Traffic Management Points during Wildfires' were released in November 2007. A review process is currently underway with feedback being sought from stakeholders.