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Report of Operations 2007-08 - Projects to Improve Prevention

Road and Rail Corridor Fire Management Program

Following development of guidelines, procedures and training for roadside fire management in 2006-07 in response to new legislation and codes of practice, rail corridor fire management works guidelines have now been drafted and circulated for comment. Guidelines for brigades undertaking rail corridor works on a fee-for-service basis have been drafted, and will be circulated after consultation with VicTrack.

A pilot research project, incorporating a cost/benefit analysis of the Road and Rail Fire Corridor Management program was undertaken. This identified benefits to brigades, community, financial benefits, and environmental management with the estimated return on investment in terms of the value of work performed by volunteers being conservatively more than four times the cost invested.

On the Land

In May 2007, CFA finalised and released fire management guidelines for agriculture, entitled On the Land. These guidelines provide a framework for considering fire management on broad-acre agricultural and smaller lifestyle properties. Project work will continue until June 2009 to support the distribution, communication and implementation of these guidelines across Victoria. Key activities this year involved: