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Report of Operations 2007-08 - Projects to Improve Preparedness


CFA recognises the importance of local knowledge and up-to-date technology to improve its mapping capability. In partnership with DSE's Spatial Information Infrastructure and Spatial Vision, CFA is producing upgraded map books to service its operational needs. The first edition of the new generation of map books has been produced, reducing the number of map books while retaining full coverage of the State and border areas of NSW and SA.

Several strategies have been implemented through the partnership to increase the accuracy of information displayed, including the reclassification of over 91,000 driveways and roads. Points of interests were also captured from old CFA map books for inclusion in future editions and thousands of check maps have been distributed to CFA brigades for feedback.

This year, edition one of the North East and South East map books were delivered. Significant planning for the second edition series, including brigade field data checking, has been completed in areas covered by the Central, North West and South West books. Wall maps were also designed, printed and delivered for use in Incident Control Centres (ICCs) and Regional Emergency Coordination Centres (RECCs).