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Corporate Governance - CFA Board

The Board of the Authority is constituted under the CFA Act.

The Board is accountable to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

The CFA Act provides for a Board of 12, consisting of the Chairman and 11 other members, appointed by the Governor-in-Council for up to three years. The CFA Act prescribes those bodies that can nominate people to the Board. The current nominating bodies include the Minister for Sustainability and Environment, VRFBA, VUFBA and MAV.

The Chairman and Board Members are paid an allowance determined by the Governor-in-Council.

In addition to the requirements of the CFA Act, Board members are required to observe CFA's Code of Conduct and other requirements specified by CFA's Governance Framework. Board members are required to disclose any conflict or pecuniary interests, and to submit an annual Declaration of Private Interests.