Additional Information - Disclosure index

The Annual Report of the CFA is prepared in accordance with all relevant Victorian legislation. This index has been prepared to facilitate identification of the organisation's compliance with statutory disclosure requirements.

Reference Requirement Page
Financial Statements
Financial statements required under Part 7 of the FMA
SD 4.2(c) Compliance with Australian accounting standards and other authoritative pronouncements 70
SD 4.2(c) Compliance with Ministerial Directions 90
SD 4.2(d) Rounding of amounts 73
SD 4.2(c) Accountable officer’s declaration 65
SD 4.2(f) Model Financial Report 65
SD 4.2(b) Statement of financial performance 66
SD 4.2(b) Statement of financial position 67
SD 4.2(b) Statement of cash flows during the year 69
Other disclosures in notes to the financial statements
FRD 21 Responsible person and executive officer disclosures 83
Report of Operations
FRD 10 Disclosure index 97
General Information
FRD 22A Statement on occupational health and safety matters 43
FRD 22A Manner of establishment and the relevant Minister 1, 83
FRD 22A Objectives, functions, powers and duties 1, 90
FRD 22A Nature and range of services provided 1
FRD 22A Organisational chart 64
FRD 22A Statement of workforce data and merit and equity 43
Financial information
FRD 22A Summary of the financial results for the year 8
FRD 22A Significant changes in financial position during the year 8
FRD 22A Operational and budgetary objectives and performance against objectives 15
FRD 22A Subsequent events Nil
FRD 22A Details of consultancies over $100,000 93
FRD 22A Details of consultancies under $100,000 93
Other relevant information
FRD 22A Application and operation of Freedom of Information Act 1982 91
FRD 22A Compliance with building and maintenance provisions of Building Act 1993 92
FRD 22A Application and operation of the Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 91
FRD 22A Statement of availability of other information 90
FRD 22A Statement on National Competition Policy 92
FRD 22A Summary of environmental performance 53
FRD 25 Disclosures for Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003 92
FRD 8A Budget portfolio outcomes – Not applicable to CFA N/A
FRD 12A Disclosure of major contracts – Not applicable to CFA N/A
FRD 15A Executive officer disclosures – Not applicable to CFA N/A
FRD 24A Reporting of office-based environmental impacts – Not applicable to CFA N/A

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